Green Star Industrial Supply


Green Star Industrial Supply is a specialty chemical company selling only the best. Green Star meets your needs with environmentally friendly cleaners, solvents, greases and degreasers, lubricants, water treatments, drain maintainers, air fresheners, insecticides and numerous top quality specialty items.

Green Star has a complete customer service sales force and a highly skilled and knowledgeable support staff that is trained, dedicated and polite. We all work to help our customers with speed and efficiency.

Green Star is devoted to making life easier and helping your business move forward by solving your problems.

Our philosophy is simple, a happy customer is a loyal customer. We are loyal to our customers and hope to gain their loyalty in return.

Our products give your problems a solution. We change your world by making life at work easier for you.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Find out for yourself and you'll understand why we are a company worth keeping.


Nothing works like Green Star Odor Eliminator™.

- Head of Environmental Services, Large Nursing Home Facility

Dumpster Magic keeps our buildings fresh and clean. It also helps eliminate insects

- Large Apartment Building Management Company

The Right Stuff keeps pipes clean and keeps drains smelling fresh and free from insects.

- Large Local Housing Authority

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